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Las Positas College Projects

New Academic Support and Office Building 2100

The new Academic Support and Office building is being built in the location of old buildings 2100 & 2200.  The project consists of the following elements and programs: English Center incorporating classrooms, computer lab, tutoring and study areas.  Math Center incorporating classrooms, labs and the Math Emporium program. Computer Studies including computer labs, networking, maker space and open labs with the expanded of library functions including reference desk, study areas, computer lab, expanded staff offices and library operational support spaces.  Faculty Offices Dean’s Suite and Student gathering, and support spaces will also be in the building.

Construction Phase: The Lease Leaseback contractor was issued a notice-to-proceed on 06/16/2021. Contractor has completed demolition, site grading, site utilities, concrete foundations, structural steel, building framing, drywall, mechanical, electrical and plumbing, exterior roofing, stucco, glazing and painting and finishes to about 80% completion. Site concrete, seat walls and brick paver work is progressing. Library renovation portion was completed at the end of summer 2022 and the expansion portion of the library is about 80% complete.

The New Academic Support and Office Building construction is scheduled to be complete Summer of 2023.

Public Safety Complex/Advanced Manufacturing and Transportation Facilities (PSC/AMT)

The new Public Safety Complex/Advanced Manufacturing and Transportation Facilities (PSC/AMT) will replace outdated facilities in Buildings 600A, 800 and 2200. The Public Safety programs will include, the Administration of Justice, Fire Service Technology and Emergency Medical Services programs. A Risk Management Training Apparatus is incorporated as part of the Fire Service Technology program.  The Advanced Manufacturing and Transportation programs will include Auto Technology, Advanced Manufacturing and the Welding Technology programs. There will be shared support for both programs that include, Computer Lab, Classrooms, Faculty Offices, Conference and Student gathering spaces.


Construction Phase: The Lease Leaseback contractor has completed erecting the structural components, exterior and interior wall framing, exterior building envelop, along with electrical, mechanical, and plumbing rough ins. Interior finishes of the project are progressing which include electrical, mechanical, and plumbing device installations, painting, flooring installation and cabinetry. The site work which includes utilities, AC pavement, irrigation distribution and concrete flat work are in progress. Additionally, the erection and assembly of the Risk Management Training Apparatus has progressed and is nearing completion.

The Public Safety Complex/Advanced Manufacturing and Transportation Facilities (PSC/AMT) construction is scheduled to be completed Summer of 2023.

Temporary Faculty Village

The Temporary Faculty Village was built in the location of existing parking lot G.  The project consists of six modular office buildings, a conference room building and restroom building.  The purpose of the village is to house faculty displaced be the new Academic support and office building during construction.

This project was approved by DSA in October 2020.  Modular buildings and site work are complete and were placed in service in July 2021. This project is complete.

Agricultural Science: Horticulture Project

The New Horticulture Facility will replace the facilities currently located in Building 800 and located outdoors and be located near the Maintenance and Operations facility and the Track and Field at the upper NE part of campus.  The project includes, additional parking lot for faculty and students. The Horticulture Facility includes a classrooms, Labs, offices and resource area, a greenhouse, shade structures.  The outdoor growing areas will have soil bins, equipment storage and an outdoor learning patio.


The Horticulture Project completed in summer 2022 and classes began Fall Semester 2022.

Agricultrual Science: Viticulture Project

The New Viticulture Facility will replace the existing facilities currently located in/outside of Building 800. The Viticulture Facility will be located at the main entrance off the Campus Hill Road. A new roadway, pedestrian pathway and limited parking will connect the new facilities to the existing campus. The project will include general site grading and utility infrastructure; classroom and Lab, office and resource areas, crush pad, equipment storage, cold storage, barrel storage and an outdoor patio. The classroom will be a flexible space converting into a Tasting room and event space. 

Construction Phase: Contractor, Beals Martin received the Notice to Proceed (NTP) on 11/01/22. Beals Martin has mobilized to the site and set up temp fence and trailers. Rough grading for site, staking for building pad and coordination for underground utilities in progress.

Viticulture Project anticipated completion is Winter 2023/24.

Landscape Renovation Project

The landscape renovation project was developed after the removal of the B100 portable classroom buildings.  The area to be renovated at the entrance to the campus will include lighting, new seating areas, shade trees, and mores.  New campus signage and flagpoles will be included in the project.  The project will continue up to the front of the Multi-Disciplinary for use by students, staff, faculty and the community.  The project has included alternates for an outdoor classroom and a labyrinth for use by all.

Bidding Phase:  The project will go out to bid in mid-January 2023 with bid due in February 2023.  Construction is anticipated to start in April 2023 with completion in the fall of 2023.

Domestic Water Booster System Project

The project is intended to provide a booster pump system to raise the overall campus domestic water pressure. Pressure reducing valves will be installed at selected buildings to prevent overpressure of plumbing fixtures.

The Domestic Water Booster System Project is operational. Project is complete.

Building 1600 – Architecture Barrier Project

Improvements to accessible counters, safety and security of service windows at the Student Services & Administration Building. Service windows include: Information Desk, Student Services Center, Financial Aid and Admission and Records.

The Architecture Barrier Project is complete.

District-Wide Emergency Call Stations

Includes installation and programming of new emergency call stations and retrofitting of existing call stations at both Chabot and Las Positas campuses. The project also includes the installation of a new ECS server at the Las Positas Campus along with the interfacing of the servers to the existing fire alarm control panels.

The District-Wide Emergency Call Stations Project is complete.

Chabot College Projects

New Biology Building Phase 1

The new Biology Building at Chabot College includes five new teaching laboratories with adjacent prep rooms, a Cadaver room, greenhouse and teaching support spaces. It is located adjacent to existing Biology Building 2100 where parking lot C used to be. The Board approved the Construction contract in February 2018 and construction commenced on March 12, 2018.

The project is complete, and classes began spring 2022.

New Biology Building Phase 2

The New Biology Facility Phase 2 Building will be home to Microbiology, Geology, and Engineering.  The building will be placed within the footprint of the existing Building 2100 after it has been demolished. There over 35 new offices planned for Math and Science Faculty including adjunct faculty office space.  The Mesa Center will also be located on the ground floor of the building. The project is currently at the end of the Construction Document Phase. DSA Submission of the documents is scheduled for December 15, 2022. Construction is slated to begin Summer 2023.

Chabot College – Campus Infrastructure Electrical Distribution

The Infrastructure Electrical Distribution project consists of providing a new electrical service to building 1800 prior to the removal of building 2100, which makes way for the new building 2100 Biology Phase 2 project. Building 1800’s electrical service comes from building 2100.  The design contract was awarded to Salas Obrien. The project is currently in the Design Development Phase

Chabot College - New Library and Learning Connection Project

The new Library and Learning Connection Center is being built in the middle of Chabot College’s grand court, adjacent to building 1700. The new building will contain a new library, offices, classrooms, computer labs, tutoring and study spaces. The facility will be four (4) stories on the north side of the building and three (3) stories on the southside. The project will also consist of the associated site work adjacent to the new building. Rudolph and Sletten has been brought on board as the Lease - Leaseback General Contractor. Per DSA recommendation, the project was divided into two increments.  Increment 1 was the soil preparation work for the foundation system. Increment 2 is the building and adjacent site work. Steel erection is currently in progress.

Joint Use Hayward Fire Academy

The City of Hayward and Chabot-Las Positas Community College District have reached agreement on a partnership to jointly develop a new regional center for firefighter, paramedic, rescue, and emergency response education and training. The new $70.9 million Regional Fire Training Center will be constructed at the City’s Hayward Executive Airport as a campus with classrooms, offices, a training tower and other facilities for urban search and rescue, and other types of emergency response, as well as a new Hayward Fire Station #6. The training center will become the new home of and allow for expansion of Chabot’s fire academy.  Through the partnership, Hayward Fire Department will add both a world-class training facility and a new fire station that can serve Hayward Executive Airport, surrounding neighborhoods and industrial areas west of Interstate 880.  High school students in Eden Area Regional Occupational Program career preparation courses taught by Hayward firefighters also will benefit. The Contractor is currently working on interior rough-in on the multiple buildings that comprise this project and exterior site work.

Chabot College Dental Hygiene Simulation Equipment Connections

This project includes the installation of new electrical, low voltage and plumbing systems needed for new dental simulation equipment purchased by the District. This project is complete.

Chabot College Microgrid

This project includes the procurement and installation of three (3) shipping container batteries which will serve as an emergency battery back up on campus. The plans for the project are being revised to meet DSA requirements.

Pathways and Parking Lot Improvements

This project consists of widening of existing sidewalk and installation of new sidewalk, revised vehicular and pedestrian circulation, new signage, drainage inlet restoration, parking stall improvements, ADA access improvements, charging station improvements, as well as landscaping, traffic islands, and new trees in Parking Lot E.

The project is ongoing.  The new sidewalks in front of Building 400 and around the drop-off area in front of Building 700 are complete.  Parking Lot E is complete except for a few items which will be deferred until the New Library project is completed: new catch basin, asphalt slurry and striping, and a small AC pavement patch.  Work in Parking Lot F is ongoing, as well as the relocation of the charging stations.

Campus-wide Fire Water System Upgrades

This project added a connection point between the new fire line at the Baseball Field and the existing loop system on campus.  This will help increase the water flow at various points of the loop.  This was necessary because some of the fire hydrants on campus had water flow rates below minimum requirements for future development.

The project started on September 26 and is now substantially complete, including the addition of two new valves in the connections to the City of Hayward system.  The project is substantially complete.

B3000 Maintenance, Operations, Warehouse & Garage

The existing Maintenance and Operations Facilities (M&O) will be replaced with a new building that will better serve M&O’s functional needs. It will include offices, employee facilities, a warehouse, vehicle maintenance, and new shops. It will also have a covered outdoor area, equipment enclosure, a parking area tied to an outdoor yard, and vehicle storage.

Currently in design, anticipated date to submit to the Chancellors Office on May 11, 2023.

District-Wide Security Management System Refresh Project

The Security Management System Refresh (SMSR) Project will upgrade the existing Security Management Systems. The SMSR project is considered a “technology refresh” meaning system servers and software, field panels and controllers, card readers, and cameras will be replaced but existing infrastructure and existing functional field devices and field hardware will remain. The new systems and devices will employ current data encryption and communication technologies that greatly enhance the security of the data being stored and transmitted by these systems.

Camera installations are complete District Wide. Currently installing card readers at Chabot.  The system training for both campuses is complete. Anticipated completion date June 23. 2023.