Alternative Academic Calendar Committee

The AACC will be led by two Chairpersons (co-chairs): Dr. Theresa Fleischer Rowland and an FA Appointment Jason Ames. The AACC will “examine in detail the benefits and liabilities involved with any modification to the standard seventeen and a half (17.5) week semester Primary Term.” (FA Article 8)

The AACC will be supported by the district-contracted professional expert, John Mullen. The AACC co-chairs will work closely with John Mullen to lay out the process, collaboratively plan the agendas, and facilitate guide and respond to the committee.

AACC Member appointment took place in Fall 2022 by the District/Colleges and FA. AACC members were carefully selected to represent key stakeholder groups, contribute expertise, and ensure consistent and committed participation. The committee will strive to keep to a group of approximately 19 voting members, and pro-actively include resource experts from across the colleges and district throughout the process. The co-chairs will promote a clear itinerary of topics and meeting access information in order that connected, concerned, and involved individuals can attend the open meetings.

Vice Chancellor Rowland’s ESSS District Office will coordinate with the AACC members to set, communicate, and support meetings that will fit into the schedule of Committee members throughout Fall 2022 and Spring 2023, to commence no earlier than the week of October 10, 2022. Holidays and peak times for programs and services will be taken into consideration.