Accounts Receivable

What Are Accounts Receivable's Primary Functions?

The Accounts Receivable department generates invoices and mails them to our clients. In the event either college generates its own invoices, a copy of the invoice is sent to District Business Services so the amount can be entered into Banner. This ensures that our financial statements contain all receivables due the District.

We process invoices for:

  • Grant activities
  • Facilities use activities
  • Fee-for-service programs, such as Contract Education and Economic Development
  • Miscellaneous invoicing
    • Property damage recovery
    • Student debts

In addition to generating invoices, Accounts Receivable professionals process and facilitate the following:

  • COBRA benefit payments
  • Insufficient funds checks from students or outside parties
  • Third party billing
  • Chancellor's Office Tax Offset Program (COTOP)

Grants Receivable

Upon award of the grant and acceptance by the Board of Trustees, invoices are generated based on information provided by the Project Director/Program Manager and based on financial information recorded in Banner. In order to ensure timely receipt of funds, the following forms should be used based on the type of grant:

Standard Request for Billing Form

Fiscal Invoice

If the grantor requires a different Billing Form, use the form required by the grantor. The billing form and all supplemental documents must be submitted to the Budget Officer. Upon receipt of the form, Budget Officer will review and approve it.  The approved invoice will be sent out by the Project Director/Program Manager.  Project Director/Program Manager should ensure that payments are received timely for each invoice submitted to the grantor.  Please refer to the Categorical Programs section for grant procedures.

Facilities Use Receivables

Departments managing use of facilities, e.g. Performing Arts Center, Athletics, must submit a Standard Request for Billing form in its entirety to Accounts Receivable. Upon receipt of the form, Accounts Receivable will generate an invoice and send it to the external party with a copy to the initiating party.

Fee-for-Service Programs (Contract Education and Economic Development)

Contract Education prepares the Standard Request for Billing form and submits it to Accounts Receivable. Upon receipt of the form, Accounts Receivable will generate an invoice and send the invoice to Contract Education for mailing. Accounts Receivable retains a copy of the invoice.

Miscellaneous Invoicing

Departments that need to charge amounts for activities, services, or circumstances not described above shall use the Standard Request for Billing form. These are for invoicing items such as property damage, restitution, student debts, etc. Upon receipt of the form, Accounts Receivable will generate an invoice and send it to the external party with a copy to the department.

Student Enrollment Fee Refunds

Student enrollment fee refunds are processed at the college. Refer to the Chabot College web site or the Las Positas College web site for the refund policy and instructions on how to apply for a refund. Refunds usually take up to 30 days after submitting the form to Admissions & Records.

Employee Enrollment Fee Reimbursement

With proof of satisfactory completion, an employee may apply for an enrollment fee reimbursement, up to 10 semester units per year. Complete an Enrollment Fee Reimbursement Application at the end of each semester to apply for reimbursement. The amount of reimbursement per unit will be calculated at the prevailing California Community College unit cost or up to $75 per unit for approved colleges and universities. The fund used to generate these reimbursements is limited to $9,000 per year; therefore, reimbursements will be given on a first come, first served basis. Refer to section 15.9 of the SEIU agreement.

COBRA Benefit Payments

Individuals that have left CLPCCD employment are eligible to continue with CLPCCD health and welfare benefits as prescribed by federal and state law. Individuals are responsible to pay for the full cost.

The Benefits Department generates and mails the invoices to the employees. They also generate a list of employees for Accounts Receivable to post in Banner. Any questions regarding COBRA benefit billings should be directed to the Benefits Department.

Insufficient Funds Checks

Delinquent debts relating to insufficient funds (NSF) checks must be satisfied by cash or money order only. In addition, a $25 fee is assessed to all NSF checks (pursuant to Civil Code section 1719), which is detailed on the letter generated from the Accounts Receivable Department.

Chancellor's Office Tax Offset Program (COTOP)

By the month of September each year, the colleges must notify Accounts Receivable of any student who is to be reported to COTOP. This enables the District to recover a portion or all of the debt, plus an additional 25% for processing costs through the student's state tax refund or lottery winnings. Refer to the COTOP web site for additional information. Students with questions regarding the recapture of financial aid debt through COTOP must contact the college Financial Aid Office. Questions about returned checks or any other questions about the COTOP program should contact Pedro Ruiz de Castilla.

Third Party Billing

The specific college generates the student information for third party billings. Upon receipt of the information, Accounts Receivable generates the invoice and mails it to the third party. Details associated with any questions regarding third party billing must be addressed to the college Admissions & Records Office.

Student Billing

The student billing process will be under review within the next year.

Advances/Loans to Employees

With the exception of a travel advance, no advances or loans will be extended to employees. This applies to undeposited funds as well. No cash advances may be given to employees from undeposited funds.

Contact Information

Please contact Arthi Prasad if you have questions regarding Accounts Receivable. She can be reached at (925) 485-5289.