Board Policies

Board Policy and Administrative Procedures

Board Policies and Administrative Procedures undergo regular review and updating. Board Policy (BP) revisions and new BPs are placed on the agenda of a board of trustees meeting for first reading and then at a subsequent meeting for adoption. Adopted policy revisions and new policies are posted on the District’s website. New Administrative Procedures (APs) are placed on the agenda of a board of trustees meeting for informational purposes. New APs and revisions to existing APs are posted on the District’s website.

Board Policy

Board policy is the voice of the Board of Trustees and defines the general goals and acceptable practices for the operation of the District. It implements federal and state laws and regulations, as well as effective business practices. The BPs do include statements required to be implemented through policy. However, the BPs do not contain all legal requirements, regulations, accreditation standards, and other professional obligations that must be followed by the District.

The Board, through policy, delegates authority to and through the Chancellor to administer the District. The Chancellor and District employees are responsible to reasonably interpret Board policy as well as other relevant laws and regulations that govern the District.

Administrative Procedure

Administrative procedures implement Board policy, laws, and regulations. They address how the general goals of the District are achieved and define operations of the District. They include details of policy implementation, responsibility, accountability, and standards of practice. Although APs may be developed by the Chancellor, managers, faculty, and staff members, it is the administrators/managers who are held responsible for upholding the specific information delineated in the procedures. Procedures do not require Board action.

Policy and Procedure Review Cycle