Planning & Budget Committee

Regular Planning & Budget Committee (PBC) meetings commence on the first Friday of the month at 12:30 p.m., except for summer months, when the regular meetings will commence on the first Thursday.

Meeting location: meetings are conducted by Zoom during Covid-19 shelter-in-place orders. See agenda for link.

The Charge of the Planning & Budget Committee


Area Represented Member Campus/Site
Committee Chairs (3)    
  Jonah Nicholas DO
  Noell Adams CC
  Sarah Thompson LPC
Administrators (5)    
  Dr. Theresa Fleischer Rowland DO
  Dale Wagoner CC
  Rajinder Samra LPC
  Nathaniel Rice CC
  Anette Raichbart LPC
Faculty Association (2)    
  Jeff Drouin CC
  Thomas Orf LPC
Academic Senate (4)    
  Miguel Colon CC
  Tina Inzerilla LPC
  Dr. Patricia Shannon CC
  Sarah Thompson LPC
Classified Senate (3)    
  Noell Adams CC
  David Rodriguez LPC
  Chasity Whiteside DO
Classified Union (3)    
  Virginia Criswell CC
  Stephany Chavez LPC
  Cathy Gould DO
Student Senate (2)    
  Stacy Harris CC
  Thomas Blakely LPC