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CLPCCD Apprenticeship Programs

Contact: Sarah Holtzclaw, Director of Apprenticeship Programs | Phone: 925-416-5136 | Email:

CLPCCD is the education partner for apprenticeship programs in the East Bay. The earn-and-learn model includes a job while accruing college experience at no expense to the student. Apprentices earn a college certificate following each year, as well as credits toward a college degree should they pursue advanced education in the future.

  • Apprenticeship programs provide a fast track to employment. The nature of an apprenticeship is to earn on-the-job experience while also learning in a classroom environment.
  • Apprenticeships lead to well-paid occupations and fulfilling careers in a variety of trades.
  • Local apprenticeship programs exist for traditional trades, with the highest demand for shop ironworkers, electricians, and sheet metal workers, and there is interest in adding innovative fields (such as healthcare and technology) within the next few years.
  • Today, apprenticeship programs are also offered in non-trade fields such as healthcare, government, and IT with high demand and opportunities for immediate employment.
  • Trade or non-trade, apprentices can also earn a college and/or industry certificate.
  • Apprentices earn wages at the start of programs, with built-in wage increases escalating to full journey level (for the trade), typically anywhere between two to four years.
  • Apprenticeship classroom training is free to apprentices, making the programs financially attractive: no-cost training, good wages, and automatic increases and entrance into an occupation with projected jobs for years to come.

To explore apprenticeship programs and employers who are immediately hiring, log onto the California Department of Industrial Relations website:

Learn about the local apprenticeship programs, details about the types of work, prerequisites, and schedules for these programs online: 

Y2C Employment Partner: Tri-Valley Career Center

Contact: Program Manager



Location: 5860 Owens Drive, 3rd Floor, Pleasanton, CA 94588

As the employment partner of the Y2C Network, you can use the TriValley Career Center (TVCC) and its resources and guidance as a new, transitioning, or re-entry job seeker, connecting you with employment opportunities offered by large employers and small- to midsize-business owners in the Tri-Valley region.

A service of the CLPCCD in partnership with the Alameda County Workforce Development Board, TVCC offers onsite and remote opportunities for you to update job-search skills, improve employability, and connect directly with employers hiring in our region. All these tasks can be done online or in person and all are free to job seekers and employers.

TVCC also now has access to training that includes certifications and some industry-recognized tests.

The following resources are available at the Tri-Valley Career Center:

  • Shared workspace with computers, internet, Wi-Fi, and printers
  • Tip sheets/newsletters with helpful job-search advice
  • Job club to connect personally with other job seekers
  • Career counseling with industry mentors and job-development professionals
  • Employer-network hiring events and outreach to hundreds of regional employers
  • Training/education opportunities to improve job skills and earn online certificates
  • Job board with new opportunities being added every day at