CLIP Cohort 1

CLIP: Passionate About Inspiring Classified Professionals

"CLIP provides a pathway for classified professionals who are interested in making a greater contribution to the District. It's an opportunity to build community and expand your network."

CLIP Cohort 1

~Rachel Ugale District ITS Dept.

"CLIP helped me to better understand and strengthen my personal leadership style, and provided me the opportunity to network with leaders in the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District and colleagues throughout the state."

~Noell Adams Chabot Admissions and Records Dept.

"CLIP has provided me with access to leaders throughout the district. These leaders provided training, insight, and information to help me become a more well-rounded classified professional. CLIP is what you make of it."

~William (Bill) Eddy LPC Kinesiology Dept.

"CLIP has given me self-confidence and has motivated me to become a more active employee."

~Steve Smalley District M&O Dept.

"The most important thing I have picked up from CLIP is the idea that my personal values, kindness, for example can actually be part of my Leadership Style."

~Frances DeNisco LPC Community Ed. Dept.

"With my participation in CLIP, I feel I'm able to extend assisting others in supporting our Educational Community thru my time which I've added to my personal growth this year."

~Estella Sanchez District Educational Services

"Being a part of CLIP has helped me strengthen my connection to the CLPCCD district as a whole: I've had the chance to work closely and build relationship with colleagues outside of my campus, as well as the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors. I've also appreciated the opportunity to reflect about who I am as a leader now and the ways in which I hope to grow over the next few years."

~Rachael Tupper-Eoff Chabot Learning Connection Dept.

"CLIP helped me with my Leadership skills, improve my relationships with my peers, and learn about all 4 Centers that make up the District."

~Pedro Ruiz de Castilla District Accounting Dept.

"Being a part of the CLIP program has allowed me to make stronger connections with my fellow Classified Professionals, as well as, many different Administrators, throughout the District Community. I have gained a better understanding of what I require to feel successful and fulfilled, both personally and professionally. I have been able to develop action steps, over the last year, which will allow me to continue to strengthen my Leadership ability, as well as, mentor those who wish to do the same. I am passionate about inspiring other Classified Professionals to participate in this dynamic Leadership program."

~Joanne Bishop District Business Services Dept.

"I enjoyed the district wide networking opportunities with fellow classified professionals and administrators. I appreciated the freedom we had to choose our monthly session topics. I learned so much about meeting structures, building consensus and progressive leadership styles."

~Katrin Field Chabot Assessment Dept.

"I have learned through CLIP to show others an example of leadership and to better myself, as a professional. CLIP has allowed me to link to professionals from all over, build relationships, and to learn new viewpoints about our district."

~Michael Sugi LPC Security