Custodial Services

Custodial Services

Day Crew

The custodians on the day shift clean floors when an emergency arises, check restrooms for paper and required supplies, assist Security unlocking classroom doors, and perform routine housekeeping as time permits. Each campus normally has coverage of two (2) custodians during the day.

Day custodians also take requests for setups for special events. These typically include requests for tables, chairs, and lecturns for departmental events, student union activities, speakers, etc.

Night Crew

The custodial staff provides general housekeeping/custodial service, such as restroom cleaning, restroom sanitizing, and all other forms of cleaning including walls, floors, wastebaskets, classrooms, halls, and trash disposal.

The custodial staff turns off lights in the evening in unoccupied classrooms and offices. The campus buildings are typically locked at varying times dependent upon the building function and opened again at 6:00 a.m., Monday through Friday. To have a building opened at other hours or weekends, please contact Campus Safety.

The custodial department typically provides annual cleaning of carpets in all buildings on campus. However, we understand that there are times where additional cleaning in between may be required due to heavy traffic, events, or other activities. To request carpet cleaning, please submit a work order request.

While staff regularly checks and fills all paper towel, soap, and toilet paper dispensers, sometimes additional service is required. If you see a unit that is empty, please call the M&O office for assistance.

Office Move Checklist

Furniture and equipment moves should be approved and coordinated through the appropriate administrator, who in turn routes the request to the M&O office. All requests should be given as much advance notice as possible.
M&O work order must be entered into SCHOOL DUDE

  • Contact the ITS help desk to relocate your computer and telephone
  • Contact Warehouse for moving boxes
  • Empty file cabinets and desks
  • Label all furniture and equipment

Note: For items that will not be re-used and will be deemed as surplus, you will need to contact the Purchasing department.

Large moves of an entire building or group from one building to another is planned and scheduled through Facilities and completed with moving contractors.