Faculty MOU's Prior to 2016

Faculty MOUs Prior to 2016

MOUs Prior to 2014
Article Description Signed
  Community Partnership:  Partnership Agreement:  ValleyCare Nursing 2003
  College Hour 12/21/06
  Retiree Medical Benefits:  Letter from Charlotte Lofft 2007
  Retiree Medical Benefits:  Letter from Susan Cota 2007
  Training of DE Evaluators 10/30/07
10.C.3 Alternative Duty 12/15/08
10C.3 Alternative Duty 4/24/08
18A.1 PT Faculty Vacancy Becomes Available 5/22/08
21G.1 Article PT and Overload Service Rates 4/10/08
  Coaching 1/25/08
  Grade Change 1/25/08
  ILC Hour 2/1/08
  LPC Auto Mechanics 6/4/08
  Online Grading and Attendance Report 1/16/08
  Part-time (Adjunct) Assignments - Change from 60% to 67% 12/15/08
  Part-time (Adjunct) Bumping Rights 1/25/08
  Sabbatical Leave Fund Adjustments ["True Up"] 1/25/08
  Load-Factor Definitions for B-Hours 5/15/09
  Authorization of Lawful Background Checks and Screening Requirements
for Faculty Participating in Medical Program
10D.9 Banked Load 1/6/11
  DegreeWorks 4/4/11
 18K STRS Cash Balance Plan, STRS Defined Benefit Plan, or Social Secuity  2011-2012
18T Part-Time Unit Members Working on Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) or Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) 2/21/12
  PERB Settlement Agreement 3/8/12
  CC Enhanced Lab Loads:  Dental Hygiene 74A 5/15/12
1C.4f Article - Flex Day 8/29/12

10D.1.c(2) and (3)

Faculty Hour C 8/29/12
10D.10 Overloads 8/29/12
11E Pregnancy Disability Leave of Absence 8/29/12
11F Parental Leave of Absence 8/29/12
11H Military Leave of Absence 8/24/12
19A.3 Pre-retirement Reduction of Annual Workload 8/29/12
29B Flex Day Obligations 8/29/12
33A & B Resignation & Retirement 8/29/12
10F.3.k Evaluation of Distance Education Instructional Faculty 8/21/12
16-1 Personnel Records and Files 11/14/12
16-2 Investigations of Unit Members 11/14/12
16-3 Disposition of Community Complaints and Student Grievances 11/14/12
  Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory High School (LVCPHS) 12/12/12

MOU - Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

  Community Partnership - Off-Campus Sites for Credit and Apportionment 3/26/13
  Side Letter:  Mutual Commitment to Negotiate 5/8/13
26 Academic and Free Speech Rights 5/8/13

Grading by Attendance

9L.1 to 9L.4 Grades 10/22/13
10H Faculty Members Not Required to Participate in College 2/7/14
15D Regular Scheduled Evaluation 8/6/14
15D.2 Non-Scheduled Evaluations 10/29/14

Members of District Equivalency Committee (DEC)


 21J.1 Coaching Compensation:  Intercolliate Athletics 12/22/14
15D.3 Peer Review Committee 2/3/15
22E.2 Members of District Equivalency Committee 5/24/15



Sabbatical Leave 5/26/15
11A.6 & 7 Sick Leave Donation 5/28/15
  Summer Session Pay 2/2/16
22E.2 Members of District Equivalency Committee (DEC) 3/24/16
18Y State Disability Insurance Election 8/1/16
  Canvas Implementation 9/20/16

10G, 18B, 8C.4

Dual Enrollment 9/21/16
  CC Bio Faculty Enhancement Initiative 10/10/16
12-2A.1 Workload Banked Load (Amended) 11/29/16