EMP and DSP Past Planning Efforts

Past Planning Efforts

2015 - 2020

The following reports and plans are informing our 2020 planning efforts.

2010 - 2015 Planning Efforts


Chabot College

Las Positas College 

Resources/Reference Materials for the District-Wide Planning Process

Introduction to the Process

RFP No. F-14 document (Proposals Due June 17, 2014 at 2:00 P.M.):

Convocation PowerPoint Presentation August 14, 2014

Pre-Planning & Guidance Committee Meeting September 16, 2014

Convocation PowerPoint Presentation Educational Master Plan Slides (updated 10/22/14)

Board of Trustees Meeting Presentation June 16, 2015


Phase I:  Understanding the Context (September - December 2014)

Campus Community Engagement

  • Plan Guidance Committee Meetings
  • Communications/Social Media Strategy
  • Outreach Activities and Workshops
  • Board of Trustees Study Meeting
  • CLPCCD Survey

Educational Master Plan

  • Facility Master Plan Review
  • Site Visits
  • Program Assessment Tools and Training

Strategic Plan

  • Environmental Scan

Phase II: Shaping the Vision for the Future

Campus Community Engagement

  • Plan Guidance Committee Meetings
  • Social Media
  • Outreach Meetings
  • District-wide Planning Charrette

Educational Master Plan

  • Preliminary Program Recommendations
  • Facility Requirements
  • Draft Education Master Plan

Strategic Plan

  • Strategic Plan Framework
  • Implementation Plan
  • Draft Strategic Plan

Phase III: Building Support for Plan Implementation

Campus Community Engagement

  • Board of Trustees Study Meeting
  • Board of Trustees Plan Approval

Educational Master Plan

  • Final Draft and Approved Final Master Plan

Strategic Plan

  • Final Draft and Approved Final Strategic Plan

2003 - 2010