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For more purchasing information, please contact Marie Hampton, Purchasing and Warehouse/Contract Manager

Chabot-Las Positas Community College District
District Office
7600 Dublin Blvd., 3rd Floor
Dublin, CA  94568

Phone: (925) 485-5233
Fax: (925) 485-5253

Bidding Opportunities


Invitation for Bid (IFB)



Bid No.: B23/24-11 CUP Enclosure at Las Positas College


Bid No.: B23/24-05 Pool Resurfacing Project at Las Positas College 


Bid No. B23/24-06 Erosion Control Project at Las Postias College


Bid No. B22/23-11 Arc Welding Equipment Las Positas College


Bid No. B22/23-09 Instructional Equipment Las Positas College




Bid No.: B22/23-10 Campus Infrastructure Electrical Distribution at Chabot College    


Bid No. B22/23-08 Temporary Faculty Village Removal and Parking Restoration Project at Las Positas College


Bid No. B22/23-04 Landscape Renovation Project at Las Positas College


Bid No. B22/23-05 District Wide Class Schedules For 2023-2025


Bid No. B22/23-01 Chabot College Site Improvements Project


Bid No. B21/22-13 Chabot College Fire Water System Upgrades Project


RFQ No. B21/22-15 Pre-Qualification GC, MEP's Las Positas College (LPC) Agriculture Science Viticulture Facility Project


Bid No. B21/22-10 Boiler Removal & Replacement Chabot College


Bid No. B21/22-01 Districtwide Security Management Systems Refresh Project


Bid No. B20/21-14 Chabot College Dental Hygiene Simulation Equipment Connections


Bid No. B20/21-13 Distributed Antenna System Implementation Chabot College


Bid No. REBID B20/21-07 DW Booster System


Bid No. B20/21-09 Student Interior Improvements Project


Bid No. B20/21-08, Agriculture Science, Horticulture Facility


Bid No. B20/21-07, Domestic Water Booster Pump Project


Bid No. B20/21-00, Las Positas College Temporary Faculty Village


Bid No. B20/21-02, District-Wide Emergency Call Station Project Rebid


Bid No. B20/21-01, Administration Services Interior Improvements, B1690 Project


Bid No. B19-20-17, Pool Renovation Phase II (Re-Bid) Chabot College


Bid No. B19/20-12 MPOE Replacement-Bldg. 300, Learning Skills Testing Relocation-Bldg. 100


Bid No. 19/20-08, Safe School Locks Project


Bid No. 19/20-05, Chabot College Swimming Pool Revitalization


Bid No. 19/20-00, District Wide Class Schedules For 2020-2021


Bid No. B19/20-18, DW Emergency Call Station Project


Bid No. 19/20-13, Pool Revitalization, Phase II


Bid No. 18-06, New Modular Office Complex Project, Chabot College


Bid No. 15-03, IBM Enterprise Server Upgrade for the Ellucian Banner System


IFB 12-05 Custodial Supplies


IFB 12-07 Steinway Concert Grand Piano


IFB 12-08 Network Infrastructure Equipment


IFB 13-01 T.V. Recording Studio Upgrade to HD, Chabot College


IFB 13-04 BMWNA Workshop Equipment, Chabot College